Unlocking Her

Women’s Retreat

Nosara, Costa Rica

When a woman listens to herself and begins to take herself seriously for what & who she is, there is no one more powerful

LA in Norsara

“Who am I when I’m not being who others expect me to be?”

At 58 years old, I could not answer this question. Can you?

My journey to finding the answer was the most transformative experience of my life. I tried to figure it out on my own but quickly realized I needed help. After an exhaustive search and a few mis-steps I found a circle of women who would (unknowingly then) change my life,

I entrusted them to set me on my path of self love, healing and discovery. I was absolutely terrified and excited at the very same time! It was a lot of work, and while I am continuing to grow, the profound learnings and revelations, the impact I am having on myself, my business, those around me and the clarity and renewed purpose I continue to have is astounding.

I felt called to share this transformation with other women, but it wasn’t until the Summer of 2022 that I understood how I would do that.

Connect women to transformative resources and experiences and create a safe space where their magic can be unlocked and revealed naturally.

With this revelation I created UNLOCKING HER, A Women’s Retreat. After months of curating beautiful, peaceful and soul nourishing experiences, I am proud to make this incredible 5-day retreat available to a small, intimate group of women.


Nosara, Costa Rica

Situated in Nosara, less than 3km km from Guiones Beach and Pelada Beach, Casa Arcilla provides luxurious accommodation with all the comforts of home including a private pool, a garden, clay tennis courts, nearby hiking and all the modern amenities today’s guests deserve. 

Retreat Inclusions


  • Accomodations at Casa Arcilla
  • Healing Experiences
    • Life Coaching Sessions
    • Hypnotherapy Session
    • Healing Bachata Session
    • Sound Bath Experience
    • Restorative Yoga
  • Daily Nutritious chef driven low sugar breakfasts and lunches, plus 2 poolside dinners at the villa and Sunset Dinners at the beach and on the mountain top.

What’s NOT Included


  • Your Airfare to Liberia (See more flight info)
  • Transportation to and from Liberia Airport (but we can arrange upon request)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages

Finding Balance & Peace

CASA ARCILLA @casaarcilla on Instagram.

These two luxury villas were chosen for the privacy they afford my guests and for the thoughtfully curated and calming design.

Each of the two villas has a beautiful pool, kitchen, terrace and lounging areas for both gathering and solitude. With colours, textures and materials greatly influenced by the essence of Arcilla — the feminine noun for clay — a strong, earthy, natural material, we are surrounded in beauty.

Meet Your Guides



Sabrina Baldini, our private Sexuality Coach for our UNLOCKING HER Women’s Retreats. Her passion for sex education, human sexuality and sex positivity to help individuals improve their relationships and lives is only outdone by her compassion- she is a special human...
Chef Madison

Private Chef

Chef Madison, our private Chef in Nosara for our Unlocking Her Women’s Retreats Her culinary is only matched by her ‘joie de vivre’ as past guests continue to share with us, long after they have returned home.   Having nourished guests at retreats around the world,...

Sound, Yoga & Meditation

Our bodies are the perfect conductive medium for sound + vibration. Sound meditation finds and adjusts frequencies inside the body, creating harmonious resonance, unifying the mind, body, spirit & soul, giving us the ability to affect and inspire our physical,...


Hypnotherapy is the process of calming the nervous system so we can access the 90% of the mind that is the sub conscious. The part of the mind that rules our beliefs and our self imposed limitations ultimately affecting our emotions and actions.In hypnosis we have...


This is Tanya, @hundredtozero my coach and now yours, as a guest of our Unlocking Her Women’s Retreat (still can’t believe it)! Her journey to becoming who she is today is an awe inspiring one. I am healthier in body stronger of...

Curating A Safe Space

Your experience is most important. Creating a safe space, one conducive to both sharing and solitude allows us to focus on healing and learning to put ourselves first.

When you reserve your room we ask that you complete the form provided to ensure the experience is curated for you

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