Meet Raintree House, Your luxury home-away-from-home!

Imagine waking up every morning to a serene, tropical jungle with an abundance of birds, butterflies, and fragrant flowers. After your morning yoga class, you take a 10-minute stroll to the beach and help yourself to a tropical fruit from one of the many trees on the property. Arriving at South Playa Pelada, you kick off your shoes and feel the cool sand on your feet as you watch the sunrise. You make your way back to the house for a fresh and nourishing breakfast prepared by Chef Madison and embark on yet another day of unlocking YOU.

Welcome to Raintree House, your luxury, VIP oasis nestled in the lush vegetation of the Costa Rican jungle. Located in one of the world’s 5 Blue Zones, Nosara’s Raintree is a sustainable home with award-winning architecture and design. This one-acre private sanctuary is designed with organic materials that harmoniously blend with the natural landscape without disrupting the local ecology.

As a guest, you get to spend seven days basking in her beauty, taking in all the IG-worthy views. Raintree’s gardens are home to over 20 edible plants and trees you are welcome to harvest and enjoy any time during your stay.

Included in your stay


Cultivate a daily movement practice by connecting to your body with energizing yoga flows in the open-air yoga shala.

Private Chef

Feel the deep nourishment, energy, and mental clarity that come with fresh, locally-sourced meals prepared with love.

Ayurvedic Therapy

Unveil your unique dosha, engage in interactive somatic work, explore your state of mind and surrender into shavasana for blissful Yoga Nidra. 


Tap into altered states and release what no longer serves you through guided breathwork sessions.

Human Design

Get affirmed by understanding your unique life blueprint through a 1:1 session with our Human Design practitioner.

Transformational Coaching

Participate in interactive workshops to identify & remove obstacles, tapping into your unique gifts.

Cold Plunge

Step out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons with this incredible nervous-system-regulating therapy.


Enjoy sunbathing and dolphin watching with your new soul pod on our carefully curated luxury boat experience.

Sound Bath

Unwind after a long day by restoring your body’s harmony with the subtle healing vibration of therapeutic sound.


Quieting the mind makes space for our truth to come through. Practice mindfulness with guided group meditations.

Private or shared luxury suites.

Raintree suites are designed with organic materials and provide all-natural and biodegradable bath essentials, not to mention luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets. Most accommodations include en suites and stunning jungle or beach views from a private terrace. All guests are steps away from a saltwater infinity pool and outdoor dining area for unwinding in the evenings.

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What exactly is a blue zone?

Quality of Life

Blue Zones are geographic areas where people live, on average, longer, happier, & healthier lives. These areas have the highest concentration of centenarians.

5 Global Regions

Nosara is located in Nicoya, one of five global regions identified as a Blue Zone, globally recognized as one of the healthiest places to live in the world.

The Power 9

Researchers have identified nine powerful habits contributing to this exponentially high quality of life. Read about them here.

It’s a Lifestyle

Living in Nosara is pure bliss with an abundance of natural plant-based foods, strong community relationships, lots of outdoor activities, & beach time.

Meet Your Guides

Michelle A.

Our Yoga Teacher, Sound Meditation Guide, Breathwork Facilitator, Plant Medicine (Cacoa, psilocybin & Peyote) and Sacred Space Holder. Michelle believes that to appreciate and surrender what life throws at us, takes patience and intention.

Luz I.

A Licenced Psychologist, a Projector Type Intuitive Guide, Human Design Therapist and Founder of True Self. Luz lives in and is a big part of of the healing community of Nosara Costa Rica. Luz describes HD as an extention of her being.

Paras M.

As the host of the Ayurvedic Therapist Podcast, Paras imparts profound wisdom and knowledge, delving into the realms of Ayurvedic practices & Holistic Mind Therapy. Prepare for a transformative journey towards balance, fulfillment, & cultivating a space where healing radiates from within, promoting health & happiness in every aspect of life.

Chef Madison


A native Texan with a deep love of holistic eating, Madison relocated to Costa Rica after spending a decade deepening her craft travelling and cooking around the world in hotels, retreat centers and restaurants in France, Japan, New York, Mexico & or course Costa Rica.


Founder & Curator of UNLOCKING HER, LA is your host in Nosara. As president of The Glassford Group, LA helps women step into leadership roles and reclaim their power. She believes that when we drop the masks and learn to put ourselves first, the ripple effect on those around us is both powerful and lasting.


What is not included?
Are there any other activities?
  • Surfing Lessons
  • Hypnotherapy Session
  • Kyaking/Paddleboarding through the maingroves
  • ATV Waterfall & Organic coffee farm visit w/ lunch

(additional fees apply for these options – reach out to arrange)

What is the currency in Nosara?

The local currency is Colones but US Dollars are widely accepted.

Are there taxis or UBERS available?

No. Nosara uses TUK TUKS. They fit 2 ppl and they are always available via WhatsAPP the preferred texting APP in Nosara.

How do we get from the airport to the retreat?

Guests are responsible for their own airfare and arriving on time and we take care of guests car transfer to and from RAINTREE to LIR airport on the arrival 02/20/24 and on the return 02/27/24.

Is there an opportunity to speak to someone from UNLOCKING HER?

LA, your Host & Curator is happy to hop on a call or video call to answer any questions you may have or even if you just want to know me a little better, we totally get that. Contact me to book a call!

Is the Chef able to accommodate different dietary asks?

Absolutely. As part of the registration you will have an opportunity to share any restrictions or allergies.

Does cost include Insurance?

NO. Each guest is responsible to carry full personal out of country insurance and sign a waiver during registration to attest.

Is there Security?

Yes. We have security on site.

LA in Norsara

Because you deserve a vacation from serving others

If you’ve been looking for a place to feel safe to take your mask off and just be, this is your sign. UnlockingHer is a place to enrich yourself with life-changing experiences, push your boundaries, and get grounded in your purpose.