Who am I when I’m not being who others expect me to be?

At 58 years old, I could not answer this question. Can you?

The journey to finding the answer sparked the most transformative experience of my life. After months of trying to figure it out on my own, I realized I needed help.

An exhaustive search and a few missteps later, I finally connected with a circle of women who would, with time, radically change my life. With their guidance, I sparked something inside me that set me on a path of self-love, healing, and discovery. Don’t get me wrong—it was a lot of inner work. I was excited and terrified, but through the power of community and holistic practices, I uncovered a part of myself I never even knew existed. 

While I continue to grow, the profound insights and revelations that came through during that time are reflected in every aspect of my life, including the impact I have on myself, my business, and those around me. But most importantly, I’ve cultivated a renewed clarity and purpose that grows every day.

Something clicked inside me after experiencing the transformational potential of women guiding women. I knew that sharing this magic with other women was my calling. Then, in Summer 2022, UnlockingHer was born.

UnlockingHer is a transformative empowerment retreat for women to shed their fears and connect to their essence in a safe and supportive container.

I created UnlockingHer to provide other women with the type of experience and leadership I had trouble finding when I was a burnt-out corporate executive ready for radical change. It’s a place to heal from the trauma of toxic male-dominated environments and rebuild our trust from within. Our luxury retreats are for women of all generations and industries to step into their authentic expression. 

I can’t wait to guide you on this journey within.

– LA

We must first make peace with our past stories to free ourselves from them.

Are you ready to rewrite yours?

Our mission.

UnlockingHer is a transformational experience designed to empower you to live your most bold, embodied, and aligned life. Our boutique retreats are carefully curated to spark a holistic re-awakening but, most importantly, to give you a much-needed vacation from serving others. Because only when we stop doing the busy work can we truly reconnect with our inner power. 

Once we do that, we become unstoppable.

Are you ready to get reunited with the long-lost version of you?

Reserve your spot at our upcoming women’s retreat to start your journey today.