Welcome to Unlocking HER VIP Retreat 2025

Join us In Tamarindo Costa Rica on Feb 9th-16th 2025!

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, Villa Paraíso awaits those ready to embark on a transformative journey. LA, the visionary host of the “Unlocking Her” women’s retreat, has crafted an experience that transcends the ordinary, inviting participants to delve into realms of empowerment and growth. Surrounded by tropical gardens and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this exclusive retreat offers a haven for rejuvenation. With curated workshops and immersive activities, guided by LA, participants uncover hidden depths, forge connections, and emerge renewed.
Join us at Villa Paraíso and unlock the extraordinary within.


Tamarindo is located in Nicoya, in one of 5 Blue Zones each globally recognized as one of the healthiest places to live in the world.

The town itself is a highlight with incredible shops and restaurants perfect for sampling the true flavours of Costa Rica and a prime spot for surfing and sunning! (and nesting leatherback turtles do their thing along the beaches from October to May!!).

Included in your stay

Luxury Accommodations  | Transfer to and from LIR airport (on dates of retreat) | Breakfast lunch and dinner daily  (prepared by in house Chef and team) | Daily Yoga | Meditation | Human Design | Watsu | Plant Medicine | Massages | Breath Work | Intention & Integration Ceremonies | Cold Plunge | Sound Alchemy | Intuitive Branding Session | Catamaran | Bachata | Private Shopping Event | Private Reading with Astrologist | Astro cartology | Swag | and MORE

Private or shared
luxury suites.

At Villa Paraiso each suite offers a sanctuary of indulgence, featuring opulent furnishings, plush bedding, and breathtaking views of the surrounding paradise. With spacious layouts and modern amenities, including private balconies and en-suite bathrooms, our suites provide the perfect balance of serenity and sophistication, ensuring that every moment of your stay is infused with relaxation and rejuvenation. From restful nights to inspiring mornings, our suites serve as your haven of tranquility, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the transformative journey that awaits.

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Meet Your Host

LA, Your Host & Curator

Founder & Curator of UNLOCKING HER, LA is your host in Nosara. As president of The Glassford Group, LA helps women step into leadership roles and reclaim their power. She believes that when we drop the masks and learn to put ourselves first, the ripple effect on those around us is both powerful and lasting.

Special Guests

Luz I.

A Licenced Psychologist, a Projector Type Intuitive Guide, Human Design Therapist and Founder of True Self. Luz lives in and is a big part of of the healing community of Nosara Costa Rica. Luz describes HD as an extention of her being.

Michelle A.

Our Yoga Teacher, Sound Meditation Guide, Breathwork Facilitator, Plant Medicine (Cacoa, psilocybin & Peyote) and Sacred Space Holder. Michelle believes that to appreciate and surrender what life throws at us, takes patience and intention.

Testimonials  & Pictures from our VIP 2024 in Nosara this past February

LA has an incredible gift of being able to marry physical spaces, experiences and strangers all together in perfect harmony.

The task of each is difficult on its own, a combination of which is next to impossible in perfecting to the level of quality, luxury and outcome LA has been able to master.

From the initial presentation deck and registration to the correspondence/calls leading up to the trip, to the fully detailed itinerary, schedule, trips and tricks. To the moment you arrive and are greeted by her glowing smile and warm embrace, making everyone feel welcome, safe and comfortable from Day 1 to the end, no matter your age, where you are in life, what chapter in your self-healing journey you are in. Even if there is anything going wrong or astray, you would never know as LA remains steadfast, strong and in control every step of the way, not for herself, but for her guests.

Christina Karam

Vice President , National Leasing & Property Management JLL

This was my first time experiencing a women’s wellness retreat and it was incredible. I didn’t know what to expect and as an introvert, I was worried about spending so much time around other people. But LA and all the guides truly allowed you to honor your intuition and your own retreat experience. It was a just-right balance of rest, deeply meaningful reflection, adventure, spiritual learnings and community. I have girlfriends, but l’ve never had this experience of sisterhood and healing of the feminine that can happen in a space like this one. LA and the team provided a safe container where I could feel seen, respected and rejuvenated. What an incredible reprieve for a mom with small children and a business to run. I will absolutely return to this healing and supportive space. The experience nurtured my spiritual development, my motherhood and my work as an entrepreneur. Thank you.

Shelley Jack

CEO, SheBE Marketing

Unlocking Her has been the key to unlocking…. 

My wild feminine
My secure power
My unwavering strength
My utmost potential 

I have traveled the roads with Unlocking Her that have led me to uncover my blocks , recognize my unique being, accept the woman that I continue to grow into being … even at the ripe age of 47.   I have found sisterhood amongst strangers.  I dove into aspects of myself and found permission to release in a loving holding tank and surrender to a new vision of my divinity.  The power that this carefully curated capsule we enter into with LA and Michelle, is intoxicatingly beautiful, welcoming and safe.  I cannot imagine my life moving forward without The Unlocking Her retreat as a part of my self care , self love ritual.   

LA and Michelle continue to amaze me with their goddess energy that simply calls out my own goddess to rise up and shine!  Thank you sisters , for being a big player in my life school and to provide me a new classroom to continue to learn on how I want to show up for myself and everyone in my life!

Aimee Cholette

Capital Medical Equipment Business Consultant Former owner Smooth Skin Health Centre

LA had a just-right balance of leader, host, curator, friend and sister. Knowing when and how to switch into and out of various roles. This alone is an incredible talent that made me feel seen and cared for within the container. LA embodies what the retreat is all about so her authenticity lends so much credibility to the experience.

I am so grateful that this powerhouse woman honored her vision to create these retreats and contribute to the healing of the collective feminine. Wow, what a spark and intensity she brings. I think many hosts would have more rules or attempt more control over the environment. LA allowed for flow, healed by allowing each woman to trust her own rhythms and preferences during the week.

Sonya Donovan

Managing Director Real Estate, University of Toronto

If you’re reading this, looking for a ‘sign’ that this retreat is right for you, with a gentle nudge, my hope is that you’ll jump in!  I’m profoundly grateful for my life-changing quality experience that checked every box.  Clearly carefully curated and communicated by our host LA.

As a strong, female businesswoman, entrepreneur, mother and caregiver, my masculine energy tends to overpower.  I don’t think I even understood how much I needed this retreat, as I’d long since felt disconnected from much of my feminine side.  During my time at UnlockingHer I made meaningful connections with a group of amazing women, however, the most meaningful connection I made was within myself.  I did, in fact, ‘unlock’, and can’t help but smile as I write this.

Laurie Lilliman

Owner, Twisted Lemon Restaurant & Boutique Inn


What will the schedule be like?

Here is a sample schedule of what our days will be like on the retreat

5:30 | Sunrise Meditation

6:30 – 8:00AM| Yoga on our terrace

8:00 – 9AM
| Nutritious poolside breakfast (on boat day of Catamaran)

12:30 – 2 PM
| Chefs Lunch (on boat day of Catamaran)

2:00 – 4PM
| Guest Facilitator session (Human Design, Astrocartology, Watsu +++)

4:00 – 5:00 PM
| 1:1 appointments (massages, holistic coaching)

5:45 | Sunset on Beach

6:30 – 7:30PM |
Chef Dinner

8:30 – 10:00 PM | Healing Experiences (Sound Bath, Plant Medicine, Ceremony)

What is not included?
Are there any other activities?
  • Surfing
  • Eco Tours
  • Zip Lining
  • Acupuncture
  • Lymphatic Drainage & Cupping

(additional fees apply for these options – reach out to arrange)

What is the currency in Tamarindo?

The local currency is Colones but US Dollars are widely accepted.

Are there taxis available?

Yes there are taxis available.

How do we get from the airport to the retreat?

Guests are responsible for their own airfare and we take care of guests shuttle to and from Villa to LIR airport on the arrival 02/09/25 and on the return 02/16/25 at specific times.

Is there an opportunity to speak to someone from UNLOCKING HER?

LA, your Host & Curator is happy to hop on a call or video call to answer any questions you may have or even if you just want to know me a little better, we totally get that. Contact me to book a call!

Is the Chef able to accommodate different dietary asks?

Absolutely. As part of the registration you will have an opportunity to share any restrictions or allergies.

Does cost include Insurance?

NO. Each guest is responsible to carry full personal out of country insurance and sign a waiver during registration to attest.

Is there Security?

Yes. We have security on site.

LA in Norsara

Because you deserve a vacation from serving others