Past Retreats.

The most common feedback I hear from guests about our retreat experience is the unexpected personal growth and connection to both self and other women. This naturally unfolds throughout the countless beautiful moments spent together – plant medicine ceremonies, hypnotherapy sessions, bachata dancing, yoga, cold plunges, sound baths, transformational mindset sessions, readings, shopping, dinners on mountaintops and on the edge of the sea, our steam medicine baths and watching the sunsets while sitting together in the sand, and more. The transformation is difficult to put into words, which is why I encourage you to read the testimonials; they fill my heart and say much more than I ever could. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are new to these experiences—our guides are highly curated and trusted women holding space for us in a special way. From the opening ceremony to the closing gratitude breakfast, guest experience is my priority.

UnlockingHER Retreats


Grateful, Grounded & Unlocked

“I am so grateful for the time I spent at the UnlockingHer Retreat in Nosara recently. I met so many incredible like-minded women who I know showed up in my life for a reason. The gifts I continue to receive from their friendship and support is immeasurable. The accommodations were beautiful. It was my first time in Nosara but it won’t be my last. The private Chef, Madison — not only were her meals incredible but her life stories and inherent “joie de vivre” were infectious. It’s been one month since we all gathered at Casa Arcilla and I can say without a doubt that my life is richer. I’ve been incorporating the modalities I learned into my daily life and feel much more grounded in who I am and how I want to show up in my life. I would highly recommend trusting in Lorianne and what she has cultivated in Unlocking Her. She is authentic and has your best interest at heart, always! It’s an experience you will never forget. It certainly “Unlocked Me”, I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

– Eileen Halpin, Nosara Retreat Guest November 2022

I am profoundly changed

“It’s hard to describe what LA has created with Unlocking Her, it is really powerful and I am profoundly changed by this experience. I feel like I now have my tribe for what I want to build in both my personal and professional life.”

– Sonya D. Nosara Retreat Guest November 2022

How lucky are we as your guests?

“The entire time I have been here I keep telling myself: ‘I have to write LA a letter’. I have so much I want to say that I don’t think it could properly be summed up in a conversation. The singular thought that keeps running through my mind is that I am indebted to you. I don’t think you could fully understand what coming here and experiencing this has meant to me. I am inspired by you. You don’t do things halfway and I don’t mean just in business ventures but in your capacity to give and to feel. You give love, you give praise and you shower people with so much positive energy and you do it with reckless abandon. What a joy it must be for those you love to be loved by you. I am so grateful to you. In the montage of my life, this is the moment that I tell Oprah what it felt like to really be seen, encouraged and loved! I am grateful for all of the experiences here … there aren’t many of you in the world… How lucky are we as your guests?”

– Past retreat guest

Never done anything like this before

“This women’s retreat was pivotal for me. For a long time I felt something in me being held back but had trouble figuring out what it was. Hearing about the retreat piqued my interest. I could not stop thinking about it. Never done anything like this before, let alone gone away without my spouse. The experiences provided to me were restorative and life changing. I discovered my inner strength, power, and release with the cold plunge and the detox. A spiritual awakening with yoga, sound bath, breath work and the detox. The experiences put together with the surrounding environment culminated into life changing affirmations for me. I feel great, and would love to go again”

– Past retreat guest

We ALL need this opportunity

“It’s so difficult to put into words LA, I mean I thought I was already strong and had my shit together, then I experienced all of this and I feel like I have accessed all this power and energy and potential. How do you explain this to women? We ALL need this opportunity”

Past retreat guest

Changed my life!

“I arrived nervous at not knowing if I would fit in. I left reunited with the version of me that I had long ago forgotten and with connections that are deeper than I could have imagined. I can’t thank you enough – changed my life!

– Past retreat guest

such an impact on my life

“How can a group of strangers have such an impact on my life? You are such a light in this world! I am grateful for what you have created and to have witnessed and felt what I cannot put into words right now. What a blessing that the universe connected us.”

– Past retreat guest

Our thoughts become our reality

“‘Our thoughts become our reality’ – I will not forget the conversation around this or the moment it was said – it has really helped me with turning my self doubt into more of a check in, not a confidence crusher. And I want that necklace you wear that says this on the medallion too!”

– Past retreat guest

this is your true calling

“LA you have a special gift of being a very good and relatable leader while also able to create and hold pace for people to be vulnerable. These are not easy things to do and it looked very clear to me, watching you navigate, that this is your true calling.”

– Past retreat guest

dancing in the waves of the ocean

“This is hard for me to put into words. All of the experiences, the connections with women – a new world for me as I haven’t always been able to trust women – and waking every day to being taken care of … I’ve never had this before. I knew that we would be experiencing new things (omg that cold plunge) but I didn’t realize how much fun there would be. From literally swinging at the top of a mountain to dancing in the waves of the ocean to having so much fun at that incredible restaurant you took us to … I am so thankful that I decided to book your retreat. Once a year, women need this once a year (I’m already saving)”

– Past retreat guest

I needed time just for me

“I thought it would be easy to write about my experience but every time I start to get emotional, I miss it so much! Ok. First I want to say thank you. It was hard to have the conversation with my husband because (and I realize this now) I had never told him I needed time just for me. When I described the retreat he said ‘oh so you want to go on a vacation alone’. Yeah a lot to unpack. But in the end he was so supportive even though he didn’t fully understand why (I think?). The best way I can describe my experience is by sharing what my husband said when I returned: “I feel like I got my girl back”. Honestly LA, your retreat saved my marriage. We are communicating and connecting so much better and he now wants to find one like yours for us both to go on – so if you ever have a couples retreat, we are THERE!”

– Past retreat guest