Our bodies are the perfect conductive medium for sound + vibration. Sound meditation finds and adjusts frequencies inside the body, creating harmonious resonance, unifying the mind, body, spirit & soul, giving us the ability to affect and inspire our physical, physiological, emotional & spiritual levels.

Meet Michelle @mich_wild, a Yin + Restorative Yoga teacher who is focused on our senses and the creation of safe spaces to indulge them. An intuitive, she has held sacred space for her sound journey’s for the last 5 years.

Sound offers us a safe + non judgemental space for silence from the chaos of the outside world. In turn, the quiet responds not in words but in feelings. This experience is restorative. Balancing our nervous system, it harmonizes & brings balance to our chakras helping to releases blocked energy centres within the body.

Together we will surrender to the sound and allow a beautiful transformation to take place. Join us at our UNLOCKING HER Women’s Retreat and experience daily restorative yoga and the feminine spiritual Soundbath in the privacy of our villas with Michelle.

In rest and recuperation, there is regeneration.